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From Book Folding to Home Decor, U.K’s Debbi Moore Reveals Her Design Tips

Debbi Moore creates an exciting range of craft materials for cardmaking, scrapbooking and more, offering elegant and traditional themes. The full ranges have been designed to offer inspiration to both the beginner and to the advanced crafter. Designed for Crafters by Crafters. If you are looking for inspiration check out our magazine and books section.

:44 – What is Debbi Moore Designs

1:09 – Debbi talks about her paralyzing accident

3:54 – U.K.’s Hobby, Craft & Stitch Show

4:45 – Create and Craft TV Show

5:56 – Debbi Moore Designs various product lines

7:41 – The launch of Debbi Moore paint

9:03 – Book Folding

10:12 – Tools for Book Folding

12:24 – Paper kits “Fairies”

14:40 – Crafting in the U.K. vs United States

19:03 – Advice to Women about starting a business