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Kellie DeFries, The Designer Behind ‘Crystal Ninja’

From the time Kellie DeFries can remember, she would see designs as dots and spots. She has turned this unique ability into a growing business using swarovski crystals. Jane Monzures introduces us to the ‘Crystal Ninja.’

:45 – Are you the Crystal Ninja?

1:38 – How did the Crystal Ninja start?

2:15 – What does the it do?

4:47 – How does the design come together, the creative flow?

7:09 – you’ve put crystals on a lot of things, what are some of the unusual things you’ve done?

9:03 – What did you do with Rodeo Drive?

13:29 – What is the most interesting call you took to do something?

16:40 – What is your motto in business?

19:01 – When did your business explode?