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Wear Your Seatbelt, Ding Ding

Sponsored by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles

Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding..

ding ding

The DMV’s new commercial might come across as comedy, but the topic is serious. Seatbelts save lives. 

The “annoying sound” that happens in most new cars when one of the front seat occupants doesn’t put on their seatbelt, is actually saving lives!

ding ding

If you are riding in the front seat and you are wearing your seatbelt, you lessen the chance of dying in an accident by 45%. Passengers in the backseat have a 60% better chance of making it through a crash, when wearing their seatbelts. 

safe driving

In fact, when the backseat passengers are not wearing seatbelts- they turn into projectiles during a crash- which in turn increases the fatality rate for drivers during a frontal impact crash. 


There is no excuse to not wear your seatbelt. They save lives!

For more information on the DMV, visit their website at www.dmvnow.com.


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