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Visit a Christmas Wonderland!

Sponsored by: McDonald Garden Center

Ashley had the great fortune of spending the day out at McDonald Garden Center learning all about how they are helping people celebrate and spread cheer this holiday season.  We were able to spend a few extra moments with them to find out a bit more about what makes them a Must-Stop shop for your Christmas preparations.

How is McDonald‘s Garden Center preparing for Christmas?

McDonald Garden Center has been providing the Hampton Roads community with a one-stop holiday shop for 75 years.
We start early in the season, preparing our themed trees and decor areas.
We have over 15 themes this year- everything from the classic and traditional, to modern and eclectic.
While the greenhouse is magically transformed into a breathtaking Christmas wonderland, our fresh cut trees and greens emit a fantastic fragrance in the annuals yard.
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Wherever you turn, there are festive finds and seasonal splendor in the form of gifts, decorations, custom wreaths/bows, lifelike trees, one-of-a-kind ornaments, premium lighting, and more. 
Life-like vs. Real Christmas trees, what are the pros/cons?

Lifelike trees don’t drop needles and can be used every year.  They are pre-lit, don’t need to be watered and are shaped perfectly. Another benefit is that they are easy to decorate, and can be put up earlier than cut trees. 

Fresh cut trees are traditional.  It can be a great, family experience to them pick out.  And of course, there’s nothing like the scent of a natural Christmas tree.
What makes the McDonald Garden Center holiday shopping experience unique?
With 75 years in the Hampton Roads area, our roots in our local community run deep. Many families make visiting out stores a part of their holiday tradition.
Everything we sell in our Christmas Shoppe is handpicked by our buyers, who know our customers, and what level of quality they have come to expect from us. 
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