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Summer Safety for Kids

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School is out, and summer is here! The summer months are typically more laid back, which isn’t necessarily a good thing when it comes to safety. Injuries among children increase dramatically in the months of May – August and because of this, some medical professionals refer to the summer months as “Trauma Season.” Thankfully, most of the injures that occur during the summer months are preventable! 

summer safety

Attorney Zack Hutchison from Huffman & Huffman joined the Living 757 crew to help educate us on “trauma season,” and how to hopefully avoid a trip to the ER!

Summer is more dangerous for kids for many reasons, but Zack said that mostly since school is out, kids are spending a lot more time outside. That leaves room for biking accidents, water accidents, and more. 

bike safety

If your kids are going to be playing on or near roads, there are some ways to keep them safe! Educate your kids on pedestrian safety. That means always use a sidewalk when there is one, wear bright colors if you’re walking at or near dark and make eye contact with drivers before passing in front of their vehicles!

Also make sure if your child is riding a bike, they are wearing a properly-fitting helmet. Educate them on following the rules of the road when on bicycles, too. Stop at stop signs, look both ways before crossing a road, and avoid busy roadways.

summer safety

When it comes to kids playing in and around water, you can never be too safe or cautious. Always watch your children while they swim! Designate someone to ensure your kids are ok while in the water if you have to step away. Also be sure to be within arms length of any toddler who can not swim. 

Swim lessons are also a great precautionary step to take when kids are first learning how to swim. 

water safety

If your child is injured in any type of accident due to someone else’s negligence, first seek medical attention. Next, call Huffman & Huffman to ensure that your family receives the compensation that you deserve. And remember all of these summer safety tips to keep your family out of harms way!

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