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Quincy Shops for Motorcycles!

Sponsored by the Law Tigers

Patricia had her chance to pick out the perfect motorcycle for her, and now it’s Quincy’s turn! 

sunrise cycles

Sunrise Cycles

Jim from the Law Tigers meets up with Q at Sunrise Cycles, to make sure that Quincy picks out a bike that fits his needs. Q makes sure Jim knows right off that bat, that he wants a better bike than Patricia! 


Jim lets him know that they will find a great bike for him, but Quincy wants to make sure that it’s better than what he learned on (a tiny bike!!). 

tiny bike


Jim puts Q on a bike that Q says makes him feel “big, strong and powerful.” 


Triumph is the brand of the bike that Quincy is sitting on, and you can only find them at Sunrise Cycles in Norfolk here locally. They have some awesome features onboard, including a navigation system, handlebar guards to keep rocks from hitting your hands and more!


More Bikes!

Next, Q finds himself on a beautiful bike, that he notices has wider tires than the last one! So then Jim explains that the wider tires make for a more smooth and comfortable ride. 


Jim shows Quincy a few more motorcycles, and Q looks like he might leave with more than one motorcycle! 

safety first

Jim explains that safety is the number one priority when on a motorcycle. Avoiding crashes is the best way to remain safe, but before you ride- make sure you have on the correct safety gear!! And if you do find yourself in a motorcycle accident, make sure you call our friends at the Law Tigers. 


If you are a motorcycle rider and you are involved in an accident- call 1-800-LAWTIGERS or visit their website at www.lawtigers.com

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