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PT Service Dogs

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Sometimes when a person goes through a traumatic experience or sequence of events, it takes more than just immediate medical care to fully recover or go on living their life. 

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PT Service Dogs

Heather Bowden, the owner of PT Service Dogs joins the gang at Living 757 to shed some light on what their organization does. 


PT Service Dogs focuses on getting out into the community, to provide insight on everything that service dogs can do. They train through positive reinforcement using science and data to help achieve goals. 

The dogs really help people to reach their goals and to live their best lives!

PT Service Dogs
Meet Birdie

Heather brought a special guest with her- a PT Service Dog named Birdie! Birdie was a rescue who came to the company not even being able to walk. After some TLC and rehabilitation, Birdie now helps train other service dogs. She even helps train therapy dogs and even pets in the community!! 

What Ailments Can Service Dogs Help?

Therapy dogs can be used for both physical and mental ailments- and a lot of times the two go hand-in-hand! 

PT Service Dogs

The company is fantastic at taking what the dog’s natural talents are, and using them to their advantage. 

PT Service Dogs

For more information on PT Service Dogs, visit their website at www.ptservicedogs.com. 

For all of your furry friend’s needs, please make sure to check out Invisible Fence Brand of Hampton Roads!

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We all love our pets and do our best to keep them safe.  

For information on Invisible Fences cutting-edge solutions to your furry friends’ needs, make sure to contact them at (757) 595-5657, or check out their website: https://hamptonroads.invisiblefence.com/

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