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New Day Smile: One-Stop Shop for Healthy Smiles & Happy Patients

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Dental Implants at New Day Smile

New Day Smile is a one-stop shop for healthy smiles and happy patients. From dentures to dental implants, no task is too large for the dental office that feels more like a family than a business – where the comfort that patients feel in their personalized treatment creates a sense of lifelong loyalty. The doctors here not only do a standup professional job, they make a sincere effort to get to know their patients and develop a kindred friendship with the people they are treating and trying to help.

Deciding on proper dental care can feel like a daunting task, but the professionals at New Day Smile help make that intimidating process doable.

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A Free Consultation at New Day Smile

New Day Smile treats patients of all ages with all types of needs. The hardest step toward getting treatment is the first one through the door – but patients at New Day Smile are quickly put at ease from there.

Whereas some dental offices refer patients out to other specialists, New Day Smile has the unique ability to provide general practices like root canals while specializing in complex cases like dental implants. Very few patients are referred out, and every patient is given the time and focus they require for the best possible outcome.

When a patient first comes to New Day Smile, they are given a free consultation with a CT Scan to help the doctors see the condition of their mouth. At that point, the doctors are able to recommend if the patient needs some minor tune ups with fillings or more in-depth work with dentures or dental implants.

Not many offices have CT Scans because they are a bit more expensive than traditional dental X-rays. Having the ability to provide patients with CT Scans gives the professionals at New Day Smile the opportunity to plan exactly what they need to do. If a patient is getting dental implants, the CT Scans let the doctors virtually place the implants on the bone before ever doing it on the patient.

Patients are never pressured to do more than necessary, but New Day Smile is able to offer all of these services in house while providing the patient with clarity on the best choice for them.