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National Safe Digging Day

Quincy had the chance to visit Langley Speedway, but he wasn’t there for a race day! He was there to learn more about National Safe Digging Day, and for 11 year-old racing phenomenon, Myelih Smith. 


She is sponsored by Virginia 811, and they are at the race track for an important reason! There is a safety element to racing, just like there is to calling Virginia 811 before you dig. 

Virginia 811

It’s important to contact Virginia 811 before you do any digging in your yard, because if you dig and hit something like a utility line- the results can be catastrophic. 

Virginia 811

Myelih is only 11 years old, and she is already a much better driver than Quincy! She always enjoyed watching races on television when she was younger, and now it is a way for her to bond with her dad. 


All of the racing made everyone hungry- and as if on cue- Papa John’s shows up with pizza! Papa John’s is another one of Myelih’s sponsors, and is also a proud partner of Virginia 811. They love finding ways to interact with the community!


Virginia 811 is celebrating National Safe Digging Day, also known as “8-1-1 Day.” They are super excited this year because of their partnerships with Myelih and Papa John’s! Make sure you call Virginia 811 before you dig, so you know what’s below! 

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