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Living 757 Digs Paleontology

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We love to have fun at Living 757, and in the spirit of fun- Ashley and Patricia dressed up for the special occasion. What is the special occasion you ask? They got to interview Emily Keeble, a Paleontology PhD student from Virginia Tech!


Meet Emily Keeble

Emily says that she was always a dinosaur kid- she was obsessed with dinosaurs since she was little! In fact, she decided that she wanted to be a paleontologist when she was about 4 years old. 


She did veer off track for a bit, but came right back to her passion just in time for University. She chose the University of Bristol in the UK to pursue a degree in Paleontology.

All About Paleontology

Ashley notices that Emily has a picture of sharks behind her! But Emily corrects her, saying that it is a photo of all of the marine reptiles and mammals alive in Bristol during the Jurassic Period. (Watch the video to see how similar these prehistoric creatures look to sharks!)


Paleontology is the study of ancient life. So a Paleontologist doesn’t necessarily have to study dinosaurs! There is a wide range of topics in paleontology to specialize in. 

Emily gives Ashley and Patricia the 411 about why her most recent work concerning Triassic Microfossils was so important!

Emily Keeble

Watch the full video to learn more about Emily, her work and paleontology! 

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