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How Do You Define Success?

Looking for a formula for success? Chevrolet Dealer Joe Gambino, Jr. looks to have found it with his approach to identifying what customers want when buying a car. Recently, we caught up with Joe at his dealership, Gateway Chevrolet, to get his thoughts on car buying and their “Green” initiatives that have uniquely positioned the dealership as a leader in sustainable practices.

“Here at Joe Gambino’s Gateway Chevrolet, we are strong believers that we must do our part to keep our planet as clean as possible. For us, many small changes to the way we do business to reduce waste was a no-brainer.

Being green is not an overnight thing

We started three or four years ago with our LED lighting, which is a huge savings not only for the efficiency and the money we saved, but It’s a cleaner lighting. The wastewater we’ve been doing forever in our car wash that’s something that has been going on for a long time. We also have new recycling processes in place for paper, motor oil, antifreeze, batteries, tires, metal, plastic and cardboard.

Gateway Chevrolet uses LED lighting to improve efficiency and provide a cleaner look

We’ve been recycling for three or four years so this process does take a long time. I think customers appreciate that we are a green dealer they see the effort we put in to do this, it’s been many years in the making when they find out everything that we do they really want to do business with us. The word has been spreading and people like the environment, they want to be here.

It makes it easy for us to sell cars, to service cars, and have fun. The reason we were so successful in 2018, number one it was our employees, our employees are the best. Our inventory we worked on the last couple of years to build it to where we have one of the biggest inventories in town. Everything is online, everything is priced right.

We go in multiple times a day to check our pricing to make sure we are the lowest. That makes a huge difference, people want to buy a car from somebody that can take care of them, but number one let’s not kid anybody it’s all about the price. People come in because of price, we stick to our price, we don’t play games and it shows. This year we hit our best year ever. We sold five-hundred more new cars this year, then we did last year.


In 2019 we’re expanding

We’re going to make the shopping experience easier for our customers. We have a six-acre parcel that we just purchased that is right next to us and everyone of new vehicles and used vehicles will be up front for the customer to look at, drive, touch and go. As easy as it has been in ’18, it’s going to be easier in ’19 to look and buy a car. We are going to have sixteen acres of cars, we are going to fill it up.

We want to be number one and that’s what we are going to work towards. Joe Gambino’s Gateway Chevrolet is conveniently located at 99th Avenue and I-10. Come on in and let us show you how we reinvented car buying.”