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Middle School Math Teacher Jesus Arrizon Receives Esperanza Award

Mr. Arrizon helps identify students talented in math and places them in the math classes that best prepare them for their future.

When it comes to making a difference, teachers have to be at the top of the list. Every year, Chicanos Por La Causa, recognizes some of the best teachers.

In the past, Jesus Arrizon from Sonora Mexico, was recognized for his work as a math teacher at Southwest Junior High. He says his father wanted his family and children to have a better life and came to America for the opportunities. Arrizon remembers his favorite subject in school was algebra, and as he developed his English skills, his teachers would let him explain the algebra to his peers. Teaching was his calling.

As a math teacher, he works with the school counselor to identify students who are talented in math and places those students in the ACT classes and high school algebra courses. The students are given the opportunity to take the placement tests for the community college algebra classes and enroll in those courses. Students are being prepared for high school, college and beyond.

Arrizon is described as a dedicated and hardworking person. He is persistent and has the ability to get things done. Principal, Richard West, notes Arrizon has the capacity and passion to motivate the sixth grade students and get them interested in math. He uses his talent to keep students moving through junior high and beyond.

As a math teacher, Arrizon says he has had many gratifying moments. One of the most enjoyable was recently when John Hopkins University CTY, Center for Talented Youth Program, visited the school to present an award. The award honored the school for being the best in the nation for sending students to the summer program at John Hopkins in Baltimore. Arrizon was recognized for his role in the success of his students.

The 2016 Esperanza Awards will be held on October 20, 2016. For more information on this inspiring evening or to attend, visit cplc.org/events