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The Big Two Toyota Shopping Experience

By Rachelle McCray

Most people dread the car shopping-and-buying experience. And often times, we tend to share the horror stories, instead of the success stories. But, there are a few tips and tricks that can be used to ensure your next car purchase is a successful one, from start to finish.

Do Your Research + Come Prepared

Many times, we have an idea of what we need in a vehicle that fits our lifestyle. Whether we need a truck for off-roading or an SUV for our growing family, narrowing down our needs from the beginning is helpful. Starting online will save you lots of time and help you from being overwhelmed by so many choices. Big Two Toyota of Chandler eases the start of the buying process with their comprehensive website that is user friendly and geared towards helping you kick off your shopping the right way – from the comfort of your own home. Sweet! Once you’ve narrowed down your wants and needs, you are ready to check out the options in person.

Find A Dealership That Fits Your Families Needs

Whether you work crazy hours, drive the carpool after school or have an active social calendar, you want to shop at a place that fits your busy life. When we scoped out Big Two Toyota of Chandler, we noticed a few things that make the car buying process a breeze, which truly encompassed any buyers lifestyle. So, we’ve added their amenities to our must have list when shopping for a car:

  • For the busy bees:
    • Work Stations + Complimentary Wifi
  • For the kiddos and moms sanity:
    • Pirate Ship + Arcade Room
  • For the whole family:
    • Cafe with Snacks and Goodies
  • For the over-scheduled:
    • Hair Salon + Nail Salon + Massage Parlor

Ensure the Dealer is Equipped with the Best of Everything

From the staff, to the finance department and everything in between, find a place that only offers the very best. One thing we took note of, is that every vehicle will eventually need some type of upkeep. Whether it’s an oil change or new tires, you want to ensure you find a facility that can take care of you long after you’ve purchased your vehicle. Big Two Toyota of Chandler offers the largest service bay in the southwest, which means they can get you in and out quickly. Plus, they even offer ride-lifting services, so you aren’t stuck at the dealership during service appointments.

Simple solutions and finding the right match will ensure a fun, smooth and great car buying experience. To learn more about Big Two Toyota of Chandler and how they do things differently, check out our visit below.

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