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Put Payson Golfing on the To-Do List When You’re in Town

The weather here is comfortable too for spending time outdoors, 15-20 degrees cooler than Phoenix.

Payson Golf Course is quite an enjoyable experience when visiting Payson, Arizona. Jim Dalgleish explains the ins and outs of the course. He describes it as a wide open course that is fun to play. The back nine is more challenging and restricted because there was less land to build on. Payson golfing is challenging because the course is long, but it is not overly difficult to reach the greens. There is only one water hole on the course.

Dalgleish says every hole is different with some being easy and others very difficult. All in all, he says it is a wonderful course to play. The back nine has great scenery, the course is well maintained and come summer it will be an even better place to play.

The Payson Golf Course is enjoyed by men and women both who like to play the game of golf. The weather is great in Payson, the course is friendly and it is not an expensive course to play.

Go to paysongolfcourse.com or call 1-928-474-2273