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Arizona Living: Celebrating Earth Day

Let’s celebrate Earth Day together and see how businesses in the community are conserving our resources. On this special episode of Arizona Living, discover how Central Arizona Project supplies water to residents, the conservation efforts at OdySea Aquarium, saving the iconic saguaro cactus, an interview with Governor Hobbs and more.

Central Arizona Project

Central Arizona Project

Central Arizona Project delivers Colorado river water to more than 80% of the state’s population. The 336-mile CAP system took 20 years to build, cost $4 billion, and is an engineering marvel that has contributed dramatically to residents’ quality of life and the sustainability of the state’s water supply and economy. (00:48)

OdySea Aquarium

Education and conservation are at the heart of OdySea Aquarium. And they’re ready to kick off Earth Day with Party for the Planet. OdySea Aquarium’s Conservation Committee is made of representatives from different departments who come together and brainstorm and execute conservation initiatives.

Their mission is to engage inspire and empower to conserve and protect the resources and biodiversity of the world. OdySea Aquarium regularly hosts and participates in local cleanups along with invasive species removal projects. By taking to the field, their team gets to make a direct impact on keeping our ecosystems healthy while setting a great example for future generations. (04:03)

Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs

Arizona Living host Danielle Lerner sits down with Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs. They discuss her time in office and her vision for state of Arizona. Watch the full interview in the video above. (08:05)

Tucson Audubon Society

The saguaro is an iconic symbol of the Sonoran Desert, and the Tucson Audubon Society is on a mission to save them. There is perhaps nothing more central to the Sonoran ecology than the saguaro cactus. It is not just the most iconic symbol of the region; it also serves as a source of food and shelter for 100 different local species. They’re working with many partners to re-establish saguaros after devastating fires and to help colonize areas projected to become viable saguaro habitat into the future. (14:02)

Super Star Car Wash

You may enjoy pulling the car in the driveway and giving it a good wash, but it’s not the best thing for the planet. Super Star Car Wash tells us why. Super Star Car Wash started in Chandler, Arizona in 1993 with their first car wash location and recently opened their 34th location in North Phoenix. (17:55)

Arizona Living

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