What’s happenin’, 757?! We have another very special show for you guys and gals today! But before we get into that, allow us to introduce Jay who will be filling in for Quincy this week!

Let us start off by honoring a legend, Kobe Bryant, and by paying respects to a local fallen hero, Officer Katie Thyme. Both individuals will be greatly missed by all and remembered as servants to their communities.

After a recap of the weekend for the hosts, we jump into our first interview of the day!

Greg Scott, former NFL and Hampton University defensive end, joins the show to discuss all things football! The native Virginian reminisces his early football accomplishments as well as his time in the NFL before talking about his foundation, Cover 3 Foundation, and upcoming film, Our Daily Bread.

Patricia then interviews Kyle Davis, Richmond based singer songwriter, from Vanguard: Live from the Vault! Kyle tells all about his rise in the music industry and the adventures his songs brought to him. After taking a hiatus from the scene, Kyle is returning with a new album! Hear his impressive musical resume and be sure to stick around to hear his original song “Not Broken”!

When we return, we play with our food! Guests Dean and Stacey invite Patricia and Ashley to partake in a game we call Taste Buds while we learn about Virginia Beach Restaurant Week! The ladies are blind folded and fed different dishes from Firebrew Bar & Grill, and must explain what they taste to one another, while guessing what the dish is! This isn’t as easy as you might think, apparently.

Then Joshua, director of Flex 4 Change, stops by to discuss how his organization is working with youth to entice fitness and exercise. He then challenges Jay through some trust and fitness drills to see if he has what it takes to follow instructions and avoid the obstacles after spinning like a top! SPOILER ALERT: It doesn’t go well for Jay…

Kyle Davis returns to serenade us with his performance of “Not Broken”, straight from Vanguard: Live from the Vault!

Be sure to tune in next week for more antics and shenanigans with Ashley, Patricia and a new guest host! If you want to see yourself on the show, be sure to send us your pics of how you are living it up in the 757 to Share@Living757.com!

Until then, fellow Virginians!