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The San Diego Black Nurses Association is Leading the Way in Community Education & Outreach

The San Diego Black Nurses Association was founded in 1976 with the objectives to decrease health disparities in the areas of cardiovascular, hypertension, diabetes, breast cancer, prostate cancer, and influenza. The SDBNA was formed as a way for black nurses to advocate by implementing strategies to ensure the access of healthcare among people of color,  and to improve the health status of all the people particularly African Americans and other minority consumers here in the San Diego area

During the pandemic the nurses have stepped up their efforts in educating their communities.  “We have a task force within the San Diego Black Nurses Association,  these individuals are focused on teaching, educating and getting the word out as to what is happening.  Most patients and most individuals now go to the doctor via teleconference. People aren’t going in for their appointment, so we’re teaching individuals on how to do a telemedicine visit with their doctor, and to know what to expect, and how to have high quality internet function or use a smartphone.   Also, what type of questions the doctor might ask, and how to communicate signs and symptoms that they might have.  We have also been instructing and teaching individuals on how to wear masks,  how important it is to wash your hands, and how to put a mask on, and how to take off.  How if a mask gets wet its no longer any good” said Barbara Perry, Registered Nurse & SDBNA member.

The SDBNA will continue their efforts by educating black communities about the Covid vaccines. One of the first nurses to be vaccinated in San Diego was nurse Brittanee Randale, a member of the SDBNA.

Brittanee Randle

The SDBNA also provides scholarships annually for those that are pursuing a further education and offer mentorship programs for students and those within the profession.