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Meet the Hosts of Tech’N Out!

Jacob Sterle is a California native, having moved to Virginia Beach about 7 years ago to receive his Bachelors of Arts in Cinematography and Television at Regent University. While attending college, he was known as the dorm’s resident mechanic, always helping people fix their cars whenever it was needed.

He grew up surviving off older, used cars, which, along with the help and wisdom of his dad, showed him how to fix virtually any situation involving auto issues. It all started with his first car, a 91’ Toyota Corolla with 250,000 miles that he painted two bright green, misaligned racing stripes on.

Now tuning up cars and helping others fix their car is a passion and hobby. Today he owns (and loves) His 2013, Honda Civic, but his dream car would be a 2011-2013 Dodge Charger.

Kailynn Berman has resided in the 757 all her life. She attended college and went on to obtain an Associate’s Degree and received certifications in Automotive Technologies. Her passion for cars erupted at an early age of 15.

Growing up helping her dad perform regular maintenance on vehicles, riding dirt bikes, and ATVs when she was young; it was easy to spark a desire to pursue her dream to be self-sufficient in the car industry and later on expand into the motorsports field. She worked as a mechanic for about 3 years during college, then later gained interest in welding.

Every new trade she learns revolves around cars, with a master plan to be able to do whatever she needs on her own. In the early stages of pursuing motorsports, she attended autocross events and then road course races. Eventually she discovered her niche and passion; drifting. Drifting opened her eyes to new and more interesting ways to get around a race track. She grew to love progression and spends most of her time prepping and pushing limits in her 1995 Nissan 240sx to get to the next level of drifting.