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2021 Preview | Audrain Newport Concours and Motor Week

On this segment of Simply Southern New England check out the 1910 Oakland that has been in the collector’s family since 1930.

00:03 This is a 1910 Oakland. My dad bought this car in 1930 midspan in garages and everywhere it was a total disaster. It was a wreck. It took seven and a half years to restore.

I really don’t care to tell you how much money I’ve spent, but I know one thing. I drank a lot of vodka. I swore I did everything in my power to keep my head straight. I didn’t hold back anything when I had this car restored. I think it has a lot of class myself. I have no mirrors. People have come up on my tail,  I just hear the brakes and I’m just wondering how soon I’m going through the windshield because they really want to get a good look because as of right now, and I’ve been doing this for approximately 10 years, there are only two of these known in existence.

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