Diana Edelman of Vegans, Baby is on a mission to make Vegan food and Vegan Lifestyle more accessible and approachable.  The multi-faceted project she started in 2016 began as a website and has expanded to tours around the world and more.

Every year she publishes the Las Vegas Dining Guide. This reference for locals and tourists showcases the best Vegan eateries in over 40 categories. Whether you’re Vegan or just thinking of giving it a try, this guide makes finding your favorite cuisine easy.

Diana also started Vegan Dining Month here in Las Vegas.  Held every January, a portion of the proceeds from participating restaurants during Vegan Dining Month go back to a good cause.

We had the chance to sit down with Diana recently and learn more about how she got started, where she’s headed and the foundations of a Vegan lifestyle.

You can also find Diana’s video series The Good Fork featured on The Reel Vegas on Cox YurView, Channel 14 and 379 in Las Vegas.