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The Half-Full Glass

On the latest episode of Su Vida we’re turning a negative into a positive and looking at the glass half-full instead of half empty.

Allison Pynn is an expert in the makeup industry. She styles hair & makeup for some of the world’s biggest entertainers, athletes & musicians, but her talent doesn’t stop there…she is also a painter. Allison received art scholarships & was once an accomplished muralist. Her art background has set her apart from most makeup artists…Allison has a deep understanding of color theory & has a level of creativity that surpasses most of her peers, and discovered an unusual way to fill her time during the pandemic.

Mike Oblinski doesn’t hide from bad weather, he runs to it and captures the magnificence of Mother Nature.

At Cox Communications it’s important for the company and it’s employees to live the brand promise of making connections and bringing people closer. During the pandemic they launched a volunteer program “Cox One Call A Day” connecting employee volunteers & seniors.

You don’t have to be part of the Cox volunteer program to reach out to a senior, a neighbor or anyone in need.  It just takes one call.

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