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Mayor Pamela Goynes-Brown – Las Vegas Black History Month Honoree

Mayor Pamela Goynes-Brown, a North Las Vegas resident since 1964, is the first African-American elected to represent the City of North Las Vegas as Mayor. She previously was the first African-American woman to represent Ward 2 and was the first African American woman to serve as North Las Vegas Mayor Pro-Tempore.

Isaac Barron – Councilman, Ward 1 – North Las Vegas (00:01) I think Mayor Pamela Goynes-Brown totally deserves this recognition. She’s the kind of person always flying under the radar, and she’s the kind of person that always makes sure that she has everyone collaborating and working in the same direction.

Pamela Goynes-Brown – Mayor, City of North Las Vegas (00:13) I love this job because it’s all about the constituents in the city of North Las Vegas and my ward, the ward that I grew up in and I know the community very, very well and just to try to work with them to see, you know, what are your wants, what are your needs? That just gives me great joy when I can just solve problems on various levels just to make someone’s day much brighter.

IB (00:34) No matter what it is. She always has her neighbors and her community and their best interests at heart, no matter what it is. She loved North Las Vegas. Of course she’s the daughter of a legendary city councilman.

PGB (00:44) My father served as the first African-American councilman in North Las Vegas and the first mayor pro temps. And my mom bringing reading programs and helping to write the kindergarten curriculum here in Clark County. I just look at them and the progress that they’ve made over the years, they did probably 70 years combined between the two of them. I retired as an educator after 35 years of service. It’s just like, Wow, it’s me. I’m doing the exact same things. And then just his service in politics and I’m like, When I grow up, I want to be just like you. And funny that I say that because that what’s happening to.

IB (1:16) She’s the kind of person that doesn’t want the attention herself, she wants the attention for her community. And it’s always good to see someone who’s a selfless, you know, a hardworking, dedicated member of the community.

PGB (1:28) It’s so humbling. I feel eternally grateful and so blessed because it took the people to have their faith and confidence in me to be their new leader. And so I’m just overjoyed and just want to make sure that I’m doing the best that I can. So it’s kind of hard to put it in words, just like I wake up and I’m going, Wow, this is really well, this is really happening.

IB (1:48) She’s the first black mayor anywhere, in the state of Nevada. She’s actually a historical figure, like it or not, right. I love it because it’s a very fitting that it happened here in North Las Vegas.

PGB (1:59) I am just excited to be part of this historical moment, especially in my lifetime. I didn’t set out to plan anything,  growing up I just knew when I set my mind to something, I’m going to give it 110%.

IB (2:11) And she’s a low key type of leader that I think every organization should have, at least one person like that. And she’s been a perfect person like that here in North Las Vegas.

PGB (2:20) Know what you want to do and be true to yourself. First of all, listen to your parents, have trust and faith in God and then whatever you set your mind to go for it. There will be a lot of doors that close, but when one door closes, another door opens and you just have to remain steadfast, remain determined, push for those goals and you can achieve whatever you want to.

IB (2:40) That’s a really proud moment, to see my good friend take that leadership role and move the city forward.

PG (2:47) I love serving the public and nothing gives me greater joy just to make sure that my constituents are safe in their neighborhoods and that they are happy and that I’m doing the best I can for the city that I am so proud to call home.