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Moon Valley Mechanical Drafting Program Wins Technology in Education Award

Cox Communications and Universal Technical Institute are proud to award the Moon Valley Mechanical Drafting Program with the Technology in Education Award.

Dr. Zimmer, an instructor for the program, says students who have already taken drafting classes in previous years use the software to learn how to design and build things.  The program is ideal for students interested in becoming engineers, architects or drafters.  It’s a hands on approach with students assigned challenging projects to design.

Jacky Jong, a Junior at Moon Valley, explains what interests him about the program and some of the advanced technologies they use throughout the process.  For example, the use a 3D Printer to help them interpret their ideas into an actual design and to expand their creativity.

Dr. Zimmer says students have designed such items as rims, puzzles and even a sub-woofer for their car.  She knows there will be many fun and creative ideas to come.

Cox and Universal Technical Institute are proud to award Moon Valley Mechanical Drafting Program with a $1000 Technology in Education Award.