2019 Connect2STEM

The Cox Connect2stem awards are open for public vote.  Learn about the award finalists on place your votes for those you think should win a $1,000 STEM grant.  Voting will close on March 29th.  Visit https://www.facebook.com/Connect2STEM/ to vote.

Innovation Award for Business:

  • APS: APS is committed to preparing Arizona students to compete in the global economy. From funding teachers’ STEM projects to educating kids about energy, we invest in programs that expose kids to STEM concepts, spark curiosity and provide hands-on learning opportunities. APS understands that a well-educated workforce proficient in STEM is critical to retaining and attracting businesses and industries to Arizona.
  • SRP: SRP is one of the oldest STEM businesses in the Valley and committed to providing free resources for teachers through our Education Services Program. SRP offers more than 25 workshops on STEM subjects, such as electricity and water, impacting almost 1,000 teachers and nearly 30,000 students. SRP also distributes over 45,000 free materials on topics such as renewable energy, water conservation and others while providing about $200,000 in STEM-related grants for K-12 teachers.

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Student Teckie Award:

  • Owen Barrett (Vail School District): Owen is amazing! The last few years we have had a robotics club and this year the teacher that sponsored just didn’t have it in her. Owen has been running the whole club. The club has students that are 4th – 8th grade. He creates the curriculum and projects to help students learn more about robots.  Owen is a wonderful role and is a great candidate for Student Teckie of the Year.
  • Angel Rubio Valverde (Maryvale High School): Angel is quiet, unassuming and has participated in various coding programs. He takes AP Computer Science and when there is new equipment or a new program in the library Angel figures it out quickly.  When we received the 3D printer, he learned Tinkercad in just a couple of sessions and created some samples for others to follow.  The main reason Angel is being nominated for this award is the effect he has on others.  He will be quietly working on a project and the others in the advisory class start gathering around to watch him.  His desire to learn inspires others to do the same.

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Teacher Teckie Award:

  • Melanie Larson (St. David Unified): Melanie encourages our high school students to study and be successful in becoming CNA’s. She spends many hours helping them.  Over the last 2 years every student who took her classes became certified! That is amazing!  Larson is a great role model for anyone who is looking at a stem job, and is an even better person.
  • Susan Quinn (Tartesso Elementary School): Quinn doesn’t just teach, she also cares about her students. She manages the Engineering Club, has been on the District Leadership Council of Science, and she has done lots of things to help her students and share her experience with other teachers. She does hands-on science lessons and collaborates with other teachers/organizations across the entire state of Arizona. She works closely with McEsa to show kids STEM Pro Live videos and also gives students experiences. In addition, she was a recipient of the APS-STEM grant. She also does after-school tutoring for students struggling.

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Afterschool Excellence Award:

  • Washington Elementary School District/GenTech: Washington Elementary School District worked together with GenTech to create an after school STEM class as part of our 21stCentury programs. GenTech assembled a talented work force of college students to work directly with WESD students as instructors. This is a winning combination as the program brings together a generation of elementary students and a generation of young adults to promote STEM learning.

The WESD GenTech Educational STEM program provides upper-level technology skills in Python and JavaScript coding and Mindstorm robotics in after-school programs.  We have introduced augmented reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), microprocessors and machine learning concepts to children from third to eighth grades.  WESD children are now creating programmable robotics, deciphering complex algorithms and critically thinking through challenging technical problems.  Students participating in the program are taught and mentored by Engineering and Computer Science college students who are part of the GenTech team.

  • Pima Community College/Pima for Youth: Pima for Youth classes provide summer enrichment opportunities for youth ages 9-17 in a fun and safe environment where they enjoy educational and hands-on learning activities.   The classes engage students in new experiences, develop new interests, teach meaningful skills and excite youth to explore their interests.

Pima for Youth:

    • Introduces youth to STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) programs
    • Promotes a college-going culture
    • Motivates youth to learn about the education required for certain careers and future options
    • Classes are led by Pima instructors who create high-quality educational experiences
    • Classes are offered on Pima’s campuses and partner locations

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Creative Media Award:

  • Grand Canyon University: GCU’s K12 Educational Development department aligns its K12 efforts with the fast-growth and high-need STEM programs at Grand Canyon University by providing a variety of STEM-related development and recognition programs in the community and with its many educational partners.  Middle school students are offered opportunities, with scholarship availability, for STEM summer camps, with areas of focus in cyber, robotics, biotechnology and environmental science; 3rd through 8th grade students are also are able to visit the campus to learn more about careers in STEM and other fields and how to best prepare to aim for college through the Thunder Vision program; and the general middle and high school community is hosted at annual MESA and FIRST Robotics events co-hosted by GCU.  Over 1500 educators in the past 3 years have been provided professional development with training and grant opportunities in targeted topics such as STEM implementation, embedded technology, and the engineering design process, and over 30 principals have been surprised at school assemblies or Governing Board meetings with STEM Principal of the Month recognition.
  • Honor Health: Today, the HonorHealth Foundation continues the legacy of improving the health and well-being of those in our community.  In the after-school program, Honor Health explores science, technology, engineering and math in many different ways. We talk about how we can reduce, reuse, recycle and repurpose to help our community, as well as the planet.

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