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Centennial Engineering Program Wins Technology in Education Award

Cox Communications and Universal Technical Institute are proud to award the Centennial Engineering Program with the Technology in Education Award.
Centennial Instructor Keven English says the program focuses on 16 different types of engineering.  They take a little piece of each engineering field and get the kids excited about a career.  English says the goal of the program is that students develop a career focus.  They have a good idea what they want to do after graduation.
Sophomore Maren Steele says the Centennial Engineering program is a hands-on course and an expression of yourself. She likes that students are able to experiment and there really isn’t a wrong answer.  Steele plans to be a Nuclear Physicist.  Junior Jacob Lomeli likes being able to think outside the box; getting to venture out and do your own thing.  Lomeli wants to be a X-Ray Technician or go into Field Tech Engineering. Sophomore Joseph Mayo didn’t know what to expect going into the Centennial Engineering class.  He says he’s learned so much, and he enjoys that the teacher gives the students a problem and asks them to figure it out.  Mayo plans to go into Architectural Engineering.
Cox and Universal Technical Institute congratulates the Centennial Engineering Program and awards them with a $1000 Technology in Education Award.