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Ralco Electric | Celebrating 35 Years

Sponsored by: Ralco Electric

The mission of Ralco Electric is to provide professional, consistent, full-service electric and communications solutions adding value to commercial and industrial customers’ organizational goals while expanding the excellence, career growth, and safety of the employee family.

00:02 Rene A. Lachapelle Jr. – President & CEO

Ralco Electric started in 1986, as a industrial based service provider. Over the years, we continue to be involved with associated Builders and Contractors, we’ve received a number of step awards for safety, a number of excellence in construction awards.

We focus a lot of energy in providing a good solution and solving complex problems for our customers. We call this our home office today, it’s where we’ve been since early 1990. This office houses our accounting, so everything to do with construction from estimating to project management administration staff, the human resource prefab project planning, the complete circle for construction operates out of the 101 State Road main office, we knew we didn’t have enough room in this building and was able to, fortunately find a building literally just up the street 227 State Road. And what we operate out of there is the complete service division. everything to do with the electrical service and the generator service, are all functioning and operating out of the two to seven locations. I enjoy working and solving problems. When we go and work for a customer. When it’s all said and done. We want somebody that’s going to say that they’ve had a good experience.

01:18 Carl Garcia – Owner – Carl’s Collision Center – Ralco Electric Client

Hi, my name is Carl Garcia, and I’m the owner of calls Collision Center a couple years ago, I made this crazy decision to buy these new booths from Italy that have never been to United States. Most spray booths are gas fired spray booths, and they’re 100% Electric. It was you know, a lot of fun working with Rainey and talking about whether or not we could even put these booths here in the United States, it was definitely not your average job. But he went above and beyond. So obviously the next phone call will always be the Ralco.

01:46 Rene A. Lachapelle Jr.

Ralco happens to be my initials. So when I see the name Ralco we want to make sure that reputation is paramount. We really want to have employees that work for Ralco that have a passion to succeed and do well and follow the industry and make a difference. It’s not all about any one person, whether it’s management, or out in the field and our practice a technician electrician. We’re on a team.

02:11 Scott Santos – Electrical Foreman

I’ve been working here for 15 years now, and it’s a great place to work very friendly atmosphere. Everyone is teamwork and safety first. It feels really good to be part of the team and seeing the company grow. Knowing that there’s still room for me to grow.

02:25 Rene A. Lachapelle Jr

We  have years of experience spread out to the company with incredible amount of talent. But we’re not done. We will continue to grow, do what it takes to provide the necessary service that customers rely on us for. We want to be there for their growth and their needs and do it properly or don’t do it all.