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Armentor Jewelers – For the Special Moments in Your Life

The Engagement Ring Destination

(00:01) – Mike Armentor, Owner – Armentor Jewelers is a locally owned family style full service retail jewelry store that’s been serving Acadiana for over 80 years. We specialize in all kinds of fine jewelry from large diamonds, custom engagement rings, small gift ideas and everything in between. Armentor Jewelers is a different type of jewelry store offering a different buying experience. Our staff is not made up of pushy salespeople. Instead, we are jewelry designers, personal shoppers and project managers that work as a team to make any jewelry request in any category in any budget into a reality.

(00:35)- MA – Buying an engagement ring is a bit of a process. But it can be very easy. We really want to help you to come up with the design, and then from there fill in the center stone. It can be a variety of options from natural diamond lab grown diamonds to colored stones to even simulants we want to interview you first find out where you see value, what things are important to you. From there we go to work, we find the best possible options that allow you to be able to sit down and evaluate each thing individually.

(1:02) -MA – We have an extremely large selection of engagement rings that Armentor Jewelers. Not only do we have 300 or so items on the floor where you can try on and take a look at. But each one of those items are completely customizable, where we can control the size, the shape the color. And beyond that we actually do complete custom design work. So options are truly unlimited.

(1:23) -MA- Using computer aided design, we can offer complete custom engagement rings, where we can control the design elements from a simple picture, a sketch or any idea that you have. And the greatest thing about it is that it doesn’t cost any more than if you buy an item right out of the showcase.

(1:39)-MA- Lab-grown diamonds are a relatively new option for the jewelry industry. Over the last handful of years, technology has progressed enough to where we can replicate the intense heat and pressure that it takes to be able to grow diamond crystals. Lab grown diamonds are chemically identical to mine diamonds, so they act the same look the same perform the same over time. But now you have the ability to be able to control sizes and qualities of diamonds, making them much less expensive. You can purchase a lab grown diamond as an option for about half the price of a naturally mined diamond. The beauty of Made to Order is that it’s not more expensive. In fact it because we control every aspect of the design and manufacturing. We can provide jewelry with the style you desire in the quality you expect at the best possible value. Our service is free. The design process is quick and easy and there’s no obligation to proceed if we can’t match your request.

(2:29) -MA –  We understand that coming into a jewelry store for the first time can be a little scary. You don’t know what questions to ask or how much anything is or whether you can touch anything. We want you to feel welcome as soon as you walk into the door. We have a very professional but casual approachable attitude here. Once you experience the future of the jewelry store, you’ll never go back to the old way of buying jewelry. Let us show you how having your own personal jewelry designer is changing the way you shop for jewelry. And then our process of Made to Order offers high quality jewelry at lower cost.