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Asian Lantern Spectacular at Roger Williams Zoo Park

The Asian Lantern Spectacular at the Roger Williams Zoo is an all immersive, multicultural event that features beautiful and amazing life size lanterns that are displayed all throughout the zoo. Simply Southern New England takes you up for an up close & personal look at these unique lanterns.

Play video above, or read transcription below. (Slightly edited for clarity)

Dr. Jeremy Goodman  0:04

We are at the entrance of our new Asian lantern spectacular, brand new event for us our first time we’re doing a cultural events here at Roger Williams  Park Zoo and we’re so excited about it.

Corrie Ignangni -Roger Williams Park Zoo 0:16

Asian lantern spectacular is this gorgeous, all immersive multicultural event that we’re having for the first time here at our zoo. We have these gorgeous displays that are all throughout the zoo.

Animal Lanterns

George Zhao – Hanart Culture – 0:30

For this zoo, we created a special lanterns representing the animals from all the continents, from zebra to cheetah, and the animals in Africa and also flamingos in South America, and also some Oceania animals.

JG –  0:48

The entire zoo is filled with either life size or larger than life, animal sculptures, all sorts of beautiful flowers, different art sculptures.


GZ –   0:57

The lanterns originated about 2000 years ago, from the worship of Buddha. Over the years, it has evolved into large scale events like this. Basically, we use the modern material and the ancient mentor making skills.

How They’re Made

JG – 1:16

They’re all made out of steel frames, and they’re covered in hand painted silk,  and they’re filled with lights, and they just have this beautiful glow at nighttime. So they really just come to life at night. We found a wonderful partner Hanart culture, they’ve been absolutely wonderful to work with, they produce all the lanterns and they come up with a design for the layout to tell a story and they’ve just been wonderful to work with. And we’re just really looking forward to continuing this relationship

GZ  1:48

It took about 18,000 man hours to create all the exhibits.

CI – 1:52

It’s just gorgeous to see from start to finish the work that they’re doing here. And it’s just really beautiful to watch.

JG 2:02

This is really the first events where we’re actually opening up is a walkthrough,

GZ 2:07

I think is a great opportunity for families to come out and breathe some fresh air in the outside environment, and enjoy a tour in the world of illumination.

JG – 2:21

All the proceeds benefit all of our mission as far as education, animal care and conservation. We really expect this as a cultural event to really just grow year after year.

GZ – 2:30

I’m so happy that so many Americans appreciate the foreign culture, and we’re so glad to share our heritage with Americans. Just like how Americans share culture with the world.

CI- 2:43

This event just allows you to step outside of everything else that’s going on in your lives and really experience something that’s truly magical.

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