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Norfolk Naval Shipyard Celebrates 250th Anniversary

America’s Shipyard is celebrating their 250th birthday. From Admirals to Commanders to the yard’s employees, the pride gushed over this grand celebration.

“I had to be here……In this nation we don’t see too many things that are 250 years old, and to hear the crowd out there, all the employees that are so fired up about what they’re doing” says Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe. “They are protecting our sailors and our marines. They’re making sure that they are safe…..They’re not doing this in the other 49 states. They’re only doing this in the Commonwealth of Virginia.”

Retired Rear Admiral Mark Hugel remembers, “I had only been in Command for a little less than 2 months when USS Cole was bombed…..we got a phone call…..asking for Norfolk Naval Shipyard to send a team….to help the ship stabilize itself…..we had one gent in that 2 dozen person team who delayed his wedding so that he could go and provide that important service.”