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It’s Time to Take a Road Trip!

This year has been particularly frustrating for those who have the travel bug. Options for travel may be limited, but Burton Hughes of Subaru of Las Vegas shares why now might actually be the perfect time to take a road trip and everything you need to know to make the most of it!

1. Get on the road!

With low gas prices and accommodations more available than ever, now is the perfect time. The roads are open and waiting for you and there are plenty of places to explore.

2. Where to go?

Start with how much time you have. Weekend trips may only allow for a few hours of driving but if you’ve got longer, the possibilities are endless. Consider what’s around you. What are some nearby places you’ve been putting off checking out and start from there. A good start would be to search for your local national parks.

3. Consider renting a larger vehicle.

For longer trips or trips with more cargo, consider renting a vehicle that will allow for more comfort for your passengers or that extra space you need to bring along your furry friends.

4. Don’t skip a vehicle safety check.

Now that you’ve got your destination, don’t forget to have your vehicle checked by a certified technician. Minimize the risk of any breakdowns or situations that could sidetrack your enjoyment.

5. Consider taking your pet.

It’s always nice to have our loyal companions by our side, and our pets can have just as much fun traveling as we do. Make sure to keep safety in mind and bring along a good harness and carrier to ensure your pet is secure inside and outside of the car.

6. Make sure your passengers are safe comfortable.

Whether you’re taking kids, pets, parents or grandparents, make sure that your passengers have a safe and comfortable seating arrangement. Kids and pets should remain in the backseat for their safety and make sure that all passengers have enough room and the things they need to stay put for awhile (water, snacks, medications, etc.).

7. Have a plan.

Take your trip one day at a time, but have a plan. Remove any uncertainty around what you will do each day to help keep things moving. Some simple planning prior to your trip can make all the difference.

8. Leave everything at home behind.

You’ve taken all of the steps to create an enjoyable trip, leave your ‘to-do’ at work or home behind. Talking or worrying about what’s at work or home when you return can be distracting. Instead, shift your focus to your new surroundings and company. Take it all in and enjoy every moment!