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What was it that originally piqued your interest in the history of Virginia wines? 

I began working at Chrysalis Vineyards in Middleburg VA in 2005.  This area, like most of VA, is rich with American history and wine!

As a member of the DAR, I am especially interested in 18th century history around the formation of our country.  Wine, craft beer and spirits were all a part of this.  
Based on your research, where was the first winery established in Virginia?
This is somewhat of a debated topic.  However, my research points to what is now known as Phillip Carter in Hume, VA.
What are some surprising facts about Virginia wine that you have learned?
Our Virginia soil has a louse called  phylloxera. This almost destroyed the wine industry as we know it today in France.
As a result, almost all European wine “root” stock is American. (You have to Google this one. It is quite a story!) 
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Can you accommodate groups, and how far in advance must reservations be made?
Yes absolutely! Right now with the Governor’s COVID-19 related restrictions, we are at groups of 10 inside and 25 outside. Hopefully this will change by April 2021. Reservations are encouraged at least a month in advance for private tours.

Our public tours generally are available for purchase until the day before the event unless sold out.

The Walton’s Mountain and Haunted Wine Trail tours tend to sell out months in advance. Therefore, we encourage folks to purchase those tickets NOW! 
Can you do custom tours for larger groups?
Absolutely! We can accommodate larger groups once the restrictions are lifted.
What have customers told you is their favorite thing about your tours?
Most guests enjoy the variety of wines, delicious food, the little known historical facts and the beautiful scenery along the way!
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