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Ready to Ride a Motorcycle!

Sponsored by Law Tigers

Patricia woke up bright and early on a Saturday to head to motorcycle school!

motorcycle safety

On day 1 she learned all about motorcycle safety, and took the written test. Riding a motorcycle isn’t like driving a car, it is completely different! 

motorcycle safety

The Law Tigers sent both Patricia and Quincy to Hampton Roads Motorcycle Safety Training at Bayside Harley-Davidson. MST teaches riders how to ride motorcycles safely. All of the instructors are nationally certified through the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. 

motorcycle class

There is a basic rider course for beginners, as well as an advanced rider course for seasoned riders. The HR MST has 28 hand-selected instructors to teach riders how to be safe while on the road. 

Motorcycle riding requires a heightened sense of awareness while on the road, and the course at Harley-Davidson teaches the best techniques to ensure safe rides. 

motorcycle class

One major thing the safety course teaches, is proper riding gear! Patricia learns that she can’t wear her high heels! This is because she needs shoes that protect her ankles from the hot exhaust, and her shoe needs to stabilize her foot when she is switching gears. 

Motorcycle safety

Patricia wants other women to know- that the Motorcycle Safety Training Course at Bayside Harley-Davidson is the perfect place to learn in a safe environment. 

If you are a motorcycle rider and you are involved in an accident- call 1-800-LAWTIGERS or visit their website at www.lawtigers.com. 

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