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Producer Melissa, aka “Ginger Savage,” has seen one too many Can Quincy Qualify packages- so she asked him to come help her fix some things at her house!


Quincy locates the light that Melissa wants him to fix. It’s a “dusk till dawn light fixture,” which means it comes on automatically when it senses that it’s dark outside! Quincy covers the sensor and the light doesn’t come on, meaning the fixture needs to be worked on.


Q thinks that he can handle it on his own, but he gets electrocuted!


Quincy calls our friend Kevin from Bud’s Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning and Electric to help out, so he doesn’t get shocked again. Kevin to the rescue! 

Kevin tells Q that he should have turned the power off before trying to do any electrical work. That would have prevented him from being shocked! 

kevin to the rescue

Kevin helps Quincy successfully install the new light, and checks to make sure it’s working. 

all done

Make sure you call our friends at Bud’s for all of your outdoor and indoor electrical needs! 

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