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Norfolk Puts People First

Sponsored by The City of Norfolk

Operating a motor vehicle is one of the most serious tasks we will complete on a regular basis, in our lifetime. 

Amy Inman is the Director of Transit for the City of Norfolk, and she joins this episode of Living 757 to educate us more about the city’s Vision Zero initiative! Vision Zero is a strategy to eliminate all traffic related fatalities and severe injuries in the City of Norfolk. 

Vision Zero originated in Sweden back in 1994, and it caught on as a mindset. That mindset is that the people come first- and NO fatalities are acceptable in our transportation systems! 


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The Norfolk City Council adopted Vision Zero back in November of 2019, and the council stated that when it comes to traffic fatalities, zero is the goal. It’s a program that helps establish for the city and its’ departments to put the people first. 

To help make the streets safer, the City of Norfolk will be launching a neighborhood speed reduction program- where the speed limit in neighborhoods will be lowered from 25 miles per hour to 20 miles per hour.

Residents can help keep Norfolk safe by following the rules of the road, following the speed limit, and being mindful when driving in neighborhoods where children and pets play frequently! 

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