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Chris Keys Performs

We LOVE having musical guests on the show, and really enjoy getting to know them.  So, we couldn’t let Chris get away without asking him a few more questions…

How did coming from a large family influence your music?

Coming from a large family absolutely influenced me in a musical way. My mother sang in the choir and I took after her and wanted to be like her. 

Being around her and my older brothers who also played instruments growing up made me naturally want to be a musician. 

God granted me the gift and I’ve stuck with it ever since!

Do you have any specific musicians that inspired you?

 I have many musical inspirations.  My mother was the first and then listening to artists such as Smokie Norful, Music Soulchild, John Legend, Alicia Keys and many others really influenced the artist I want to become.


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How would you classify your style of music?

I don’t really want to limit myself.  When I’m playing music shows I tend to cover all types of music. 

I am a piano player by heart and naturally I gravitate towards the soulful r&b style, but in my debut album I give off a Bruno Mars vibe that is different than what people are used to hearing and seeing me do.   

I want to always be versatile and never in a box when it comes to music!

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Do you think the fact that you never took “formal” lessons has made you a better musician?

 I won’t say it made me a better musician.  I think it’s so important to be able to read music, but if I had to choose I would prefer the way I play by ear because I have no limitations. 

Now doing both reading and hearing music is the ultimate so I’m still growing in that aspect, but I love being able to just hear anything and pick it up right away.  There’s no better feeling than that!

You’ve taken charge of this pandemic and put out your new music –Congratulations!  What would you say to any other musician struggling during these times?

What I would say to other musicians who are struggling is to never give up or give in no matter the situation.

I deal with self doubt all the time and I just lean on a quote that my mother has given me.

She tells me to “Feel the Fear, and Do it Anyway”  That would be my advice.

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