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Art Programs for the Military

 Tim White, a program leader for the Armed Services Arts Partnership and Sherri Preister, former student turned instructor, visit Living 757 to talk about their program and the benefits it provides for the military community.

The  Armed Services Arts Partnership (ASAP) serves military communities -veterans, their family members and care givers.

Through partnerships with local artistic organizations, they provide art training to those military communities.

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In just five years 1,300 veterans have found community and purpose through ASAP.

Their programs help build confidence and resilience, as well as aiding with self development and skill building, while creating a much needed sense of belonging.
Drawing, writing and acting are not the only art training areas they focus on. 

ASAP also trains in story telling and the comedic arts.  

Have you ever wanted to be a stand-up comic?  Through ASAP’s programs, you funniest dreams can come true!

The training is not only open to military members, but is also available to their spouses as well. 

This organization has been featured by various high profile media outlets such as The Washington Post, CNN and Politico Magazine.

For Information on how to register for their program or other ways to get involved:




Twitter: ASAP_Vets

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