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Frog Dog Storm Takes a Bite Out of Ashley

Sponsored by Invisible Fence Brand of Hampton Roads

Ashley got to hang out at Freedom Fest in Virginia Beach for a day, but it wasn’t all fun, games and cute dogs!

Steve “Gonzo” Gonzales is a retired Navy SEAL master chief, and is now the President of the Virginia Beach Fallen Heroes. The Virginia Beach Fallen Heroes put together Freedom Fest, to honor those who have served. 

Gonzo introduces us to Frog Dog K9, and their President Dale McClellan. Dale walks us through who their dogs are, where they come from, and a little about their training regime. Dale’s son then puts Ashley in a bite suit, and it’s showtime!!!

Once Dale releases the dog named Storm, it is all over for Ashley’s arm as Storm flies through the air and latches on. It was quick, and given the command by Dale- Storm let go immediately. 

Don’t worry, no dogs (or Ashleys!) were harmed during the filming of this video. 

Thank you so much to all of our military men, women, and K9’s for all that you do!

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