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Massage – A Perfect Gift for Any Occasion

After hearing her chat with our hosts, there was no way we were going to let Sylvia get away with out getting some more information about her studio and services.  This is what she shared with us.

Where are you located and how long have you been in business?

Salt & Light Massage is located in beautiful downtown Pungo, on the right, just past the Indian River Road traffic light.

I have been a massage therapist for seventeen years, trained at the Fuller Advanced School of Massage. I have worked in both medical and spa settings as well as onsite corporate massage and private homes/gatherings.
In 2019, I opened my own studio, Salt & Light Massage. So, Salt & Light Massage offers a fresh setting for a seasoned therapist.

Do you offer other services besides massage?

Some additional services we offer are massage cupping, manual lymph drainage, fascia blasting and raindrop therapy.

We do a simple facial with hot towels, steam and a lovely rose serum produced by the Aromatherapy Shoppe.

We also offer hydrotherapy services including an infrared sauna and table steam tent with eucalyptus.

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How long in advance would you recommend for someone to make an appointment with you?

I recommend booking a week in advance as that allows some flexibility in choosing a day and time.

Most of my clients prefer to book regular appointments so they have it set up before life gets crazy. It’s like planning a mini-vacation.

That being said, don’t hesitate to call – we may have a gap or cancellation even on the same day.

Salt and Light Massage

How have you adjusted your facility to be Covid safe?

We are masked, of course, and do a Covid screening before your session.

There is a quick, contactless temperature check and questionnaire about covid history and exposure. Hand sanitizer is provided in the reception area and the treatment room.

We schedule our sessions to allow for safe sanitizing of the space between clients.

Can you accommodate small groups, for example for a bridal party?

Our studio is very cozy, a two table space, perfect for couples. For larger groups we have tables, will travel.

We have worked with bridal parties, scrap booking events, office employee appreciation days and retirement homes.

Do you offer any special rate packages?

We offer seasonal sales and promotions. Groups larger than three may inquire about special rates.

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