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For Rick DeBruhl, Communication is Key in the Fast-Paced World of Racing

Award-winning television broadcaster Rick DeBruhl is a storyteller and a contributor to “Driven,” the new national multi-platform YurView series that appeals to both car enthusiasts and backseat drivers alike.

After working his way through college as a mechanic, Rick has spent more than three decades covering racing and automotive related events for ESPN, Fox, NBC and other networks. He has worked on the broadcast crews for the Indy 500 and Monaco Grand Prix.

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His experience ranges from off-road racing to writing exotic car reviews. Rick currently can be seen on the Motor Trend Network as part of the on-air team for the Barrett Jackson collector car auctions.

In addition, Rick worked for the NBC affiliate in Phoenix as an anchor and reporter. As a former consumer reporter, he brings more than just enthusiasm to his automotive reporting. He understands the practical side of cars as well.

Rick is also a highly regarded keynote speaker, connecting both his love of cars and communication. Rick’s career in television and the automotive world brings both talent and depth to the “Driven” team.

Don’t miss Rick’s “Driven” debut, Sunday, February 17th at 5:30 pm on YurView!

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