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Take Advantage of Down Time & Learn a New Skill…Like Juggling

Jeff Civillico learn how to juggle

Looking for something to do?  Maybe something to keep your hands busy?  Now’s the perfect time to take advantage of some down time to learn a new skill like juggling.  Yes, it can be learned and it fits the criteria of keeping your hands busy, literally.   According to Las Vegas family entertainer, the Magnificent Jeff Civillico, it’s all in the “throw.”

Are you finding yourself in the kitchen quite a bit these days?  Many of us are now handling all of the kitchen prep and forced to come up with exciting menu entrees.  If you are feeling more like a chef at a four-star restaurant, than maybe you need some tools to look like one?  Jane Monzures caught up with America’s Test Kitchen’s Gadget Guru, Lisa McManus to find the right tools to get the job done.

We suggested taking up juggling to keep busy. We gave you ideas to up your “chef game.” Now, maybe it’s time to chill with a good book?  Author, Isaac Ford talks to Jane about his memoir “Up From The Bottom”.

Lastly, our real, chill deal, is yoga.  This is a great time to explore if yoga is right for you. Mary Beth Markus from Desert Song Healing Art Center says, yoga can help us during these stressful times. We’ll also reveal information about her free online yoga classes.

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