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Teacher Richard Garland Leads Students Toward Financial Literacy

By Courtney Hunter and Walter Laskos

Financial Literacy or financial education—what does it really mean? To some, it’s an understanding of the way money works. To others, it’s a life-long journey that involves a knowledge of finances; how to save, invest and manage one’s money so that come retirement, you can sit back and enjoy life.

Let’s face it, there’ s A LOT of information and educational programs out there today about financial management and it can be overwhelming at times trying to make sense of it all. Which ones are accurate and dependable? Which ones will help me manage my money?

For many, financial literacy or financial education starts in the classroom and that’s what we’ll see is happening at North Kingstown High School. Richard Garland is a teacher at the school, helping hundreds of young people better understand how money works. From investments to the stock market, Garland is opening minds and equipping many with the right kinds of skills and knowledge needed to be a success at managing one’s finances.

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While Garland plants and nourishes the seeds of financial education, others at the State Capitol are working to cultivate a greater understanding of the role financial education should have across all ages of the citizens of Rhode Island. Seth Magaziner is the Treasurer of the State of Rhode Island and Seth believes that since financial products and services continue to evolve and become more complex over the years, it becomes even more important that the citizens of Rhode Island have access to financial education opportunities in order to stay up-to-date and informed in their ability to manage their money successfully.

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