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SuperMouth – Dental Care For Kids

SuperMouth is the first dentist-invented mouthcare system for kids. It’s designed to promote overall dental health, and designed for fun so kids will look forward to brush time.

Dr. Kami Hoss – Founder & CEO, The Super Dentists (00:01)  The number one disease in the world, according to World Health Organization, is dental disease. The number one chronic disease in children is dental disease. For 25 years, we’ve had one of the most leading group dental practices in the country, and I’ve been asked the same questions by parents. So I decided to write a book, If Your Mouth Could Talk to explain how oral health connects to physical health and mental health and every part of a child’s life.

KH (00:25) But also, we have to provide a solution. Imagine you’re a parent, you’re a mom or a dad, and you have a two year old that doesn’t get any cavities and you have a 12 year old that you know, has a soda habit and gets a ton of cavities. Well, how do you determine what oral care products to get?

KM (00:38) It’s really mind boggling that currently there does not exist an oral care product company that specializes for kids. So we thought this is a great opportunity to get into that space and revolutionize oral care for kids. We have every single product that every parent needs for every person in their families, very comprehensive, from toothpaste to mouthwash and from floss to toothbrushes and from all the other oral care products that every person needs from all the developmental stages of life.

KM (1:05) And we divided into five stages during pregnancy, birth to two, when the baby teeth are coming in and the oral microbiome is evolving and maturing. 2 to 5 when we have the primary dentition from 6 to 12 is when you get, you know, permanent teeth and your baby teeth are lost. And then from 13 plus to teens and adults.

KM (1:21) The next thing is we customize the oral care products As someone who has a lot of gum disease probably requires different sets of world care products that someone has a very, very healthy mouth. We conveniently have a questionnaire, a profile builder on our website, So you as a parent, you answer a few questions and then we customize this product specifically for your children. And it also can be shipped to your home every 3 to 6 months. So your children and your family will never run out of the products and you will have all the right products at the right time.

KM (1:48) Every oral care product you put in your mouth and the mouths of your children obviously need to follow a few things. One is they need to be safe, right? Because needless to say, everything that goes in our mouth get absorbed through our mucosal tissues, the soft tissue in the mouth, and of course, we swallow, some of us. Next, they need to be unified. They need to work together as a system and complement each other. The next one is we want them to be playful and fun because especially for kids, we want to build positive associations with their mouth and their oral care. Next, they need to be effective, right? And of course, when it comes to health, usually all the ingredients and the drugs and the market are either safe or effective. But we want to provide products that are safe and effective at the same time. And lastly, they need to be from a reputable source. All of our oral care products were developed by world class pediatric Dentists and medical experts.

KM (2:37)  We also have a ton of educational content for parents and the doctors. So if you’re a family and you want to learn about Super Mouth if you want to about learn about the oral care and how it impacts our children’s lives and your own family, make sure you go to SuperMouth.com and check out all the educational content and of course, check out our profile builder to get the right products for every family member.