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Westwood Robotics Team Overcomes Adversity to Win Regional Competition

I solve. I invent.

Westwood Robotics Team did not win in the Arizona Regional competition but they gained experience and were ready to test what they had learned. What the regional in Las Vegas lacked in a spirited atmosphere was made up for in talent and competitiveness. The teams from California were strong.  The action on the field was more aggressive. The driving was harder hitting.

On the first day of competition, team mentor Tom Saxon was proud of the solid design the students had built, as well as the attitude, enthusiasm and skill they were demonstrating.  At the end of the first day Westwood had two wins and one loss.

Westwood team member, Emily, credits Mr. Saxon’s favorite phrase, “Don’t worry about it”, as being reassuring for students even when they felt frantic or the pressure was extreme.


The final match of the Las Vegas Regional was suspenseful and exciting. With the win team 2478 realized a dream and knew their dedication and hard work had paid off.

Looking at the team on the field, with their medallions and trophy, team mentor, Scott Blevins, noted the look of pride on their faces.  “It was a huge work. They were the underdogs. They came through and they nailed it.”