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Outdoor Decorating Brings Life to an Ordinary Backyard

By Shoshana Dubnow

Arizona is one of the most beautiful states in the country, so it makes sense why it’s also one of the most outdoorsy. Between pool parties and barbecues, Arizonans spend a lot of time in their backyards. Backyards are just as important as the inside of any home, but they can also be difficult to decorate. Below you can find some ideas to give your backyard a style that will impress every guest who steps outside.

When most people think of backyards, the first thing that comes to mind is greenery. However, living in such a dry climate, there are only certain plants that can make it through Arizona seasons. It’s important to select plants that reflect the beauty of the desert, but also don’t require excessive amounts of water. Plants like pentsemon, agave, and mesquite match with southwest style, while plants like rosemary, germander, and thyme flourish in the sun. Before planting randomly, organize your plants in a way where they all use similar amounts of water. It will make irrigation much easier. Another helpful tip is to plant low growing plants next to trees because any excess water from the trees will naturally flow to the plants. There is a such thing as over-watering, so remember that the general rule in Arizona is to water deeply twice a month during the summer, and once a month during the winter.

Another staple to any Arizona backyard is a pool. Pool layouts are grouped into two categories– geometric or freeform. Geometric pools are traditional, straight-lined pools with a defined shape, while freeform pools are more curved and appear to be a natural part of the backyard. In either case, pool decks and furniture are essential. There’s no worse feeling than stepping out of your pool and frying your feet in the pool deck. Luckily, there are pool deck materials to prevent this from happening. A simple and cost effective pool decking option is concrete. Concrete comes in many different colors, and there’s opportunities to style it with a stamp. The best way to keep concrete cool is with a spray-on coating, which is easy to maintain. A second pool decking option that suits Arizona summers is stone paving. There is quite a variety of stone paving, some of which absorb heat. Even though stone paving is more costly, it is durable and unaffected by water. A helpful tip when picking out pool decking is to choose a light color because it will reflect more heat than darker colors. Some must-have furniture near the pool includes a large umbrella, lounge chairs with waterproof cushions, and low-to-the-ground tables for drinks and poolside snacks.

Speaking of snacks, let’s finish off with talking about the dining area. The amount that you plan on eating outside should determine the amount of time and money you put into creating your dining area. Some families choose to set up an entire mini kitchen outside, while others are content with just a small grill. No matter your preference, make sure you have a sturdy table. Iron or metal tables tend to do best outdoors. There are also plenty of ways to spruce up the table. Whether it be a checkered tablecloth or a vase of flowers, decorations can add a personal touch. The last step is to add lights for when the sun goes down. A couple options are to add twinkle lights around the pool fence or hang some light fixtures from the patio ceiling.

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