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Tackling That To-do List? MyGuy Referrals to the Rescue

Sponsored By: MyGuy Referrals

By Shana Fischer

Life comes at you fast and sometimes you need a little help. That “to do” list won’t finish itself. But, it can be so hard to find someone you can trust, whether it’s a plumber to fix the leaking toilet, a cleaning crew to help freshen up your home, or a lawyer to guide you through a difficult time. MyGuy is a one-stop, quality referral service that can help you tackle your list and give you back some much needed free time.

MyGuy began when several Phoenix area companies realized their own customers were reaching out to them for help when it came to other services. The companies wanted to make sure they were offering quality referrals and most importantly recommending companies that shared the same customer-oriented values. The companies realized they were on to something special and decided to team up so they could help each other grow and reach new customers in a way that never would be possible on their own.

With MyGuy, you don’t have to do any of the background work. Every company that makes it into the MyGuy directory is trust certified which means they have to undergo a rigorous eight step process to earn that certification and become part of the trusted MyGuy family.

Each company must :

  • be licensed and bonded
  • have proof of insurance
  • be in good standing with State of Arizona and/or Registrar of Contractors
  • have Acceptable rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • be in business 5+ years

In addition, interviews are conducted with every company’s owner or President and other key people within the company. The company’s online reviews and customers’ experiences are also verified. Finally, the MyGuy Investigative Board reviews all of the information and makes its finadecision. Once a company passes these steps and receives approval, they can become a member. But, MyGuy goes a step farther for its customers, it continues to review members’ licensing status, insurance, community standing and BBB reviews to make sure they always are complying with requirements. This ensures when you call a MyGuy certified company to come to your home you are getting a company who has a stellar work ethic and reputation. All of MyGuy’s member companies are five-star companies and many of them are family-owned.

Making an appointment is easy too. Visit the website and search for your desired service. From there, you can call a company directly to make an appointment or you can do a search by zip code and MyGuy will find companies in your area offering what you need. You simply click on the “request service” button and set up your appointment when it’s convenient for you. The MyGuy website is easy to navigate and every member company has its own page outlining the services they offer and coupons. And, if you’re not near a computer, you can call MyGuy directly (602-867-5309) and a friendly customer service representative will assist you in finding a company in your area.

So the next time, your garage door won’t open, or your dishwasher springs a leak or you need your taxes done, trust MyGuy to help you get it done.