Prolonged Grief Disorder

Our world has experienced an immense amount of grief, sadness, and overall chaos over the last few years. It is not uncommon that some people need help to work through all of it.

Prolonged grief disorder is defined as a syndrome consisting of a distinct set of symptoms following the death of a loved one. Dr. Jelena Kecmanovic is here to guide us through the world of PGD.

Key Takeaways from Dr. Fedrick’s 1-on-1 with Jelena:

• Hear about Dr. K’s background
• Learn what prolonged grief disorder is
• Find out some prominent characteristics of prolonged grief disorder
• Hear if there has been a rise in cases of PGD since the beginning of the pandemic
• Learn why it’s so important to recognize the symptoms of prolonged grief disorder as opposed to normal grief

All of this and more, on this episode of Calm, Cool and Connected.

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