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The Fascinating Career of World Renowned Photographer Paul Audia

Whether capturing models with wild horses in Connemara, Ireland to shooting catalog work on the color-drenched cobblestone streets of Guatemala to hanging off a cliffside balcony in Portugal, Paul Audia is fearless in pursuit of his vision. Audia harnesses light, creativity, lines and curves to evoke emotion, tell a story, reveal the truth, sell a product.

He has shot portraits as diverse as Barack Obama to Billy Corgan, Buddy Guy to buttoned-up business men, fashion models to Irish fishermen, and in each, he strives to uncover the essence of the person within.

3:10 Getting Noticed

6:43 Changing in Digital

11:39 Noticing the Background

15:11 Inspirations

18:38 Sundance Catalog

20:45 Old School Processing vs Today

24:10 NFL Hall of Famer Mike Ditka

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