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ABC’s Lindsey Granger on the Latest DIY Trends

lindsey granger
ABC’s The List, Lindsey Granger

If you are a pop culture junkie and need to keep up with the latest trends, then you’ve come to the right place. Lindsey Granger, Trend Specialist and TV Correspondent from ABC’s The List joins Jane Monzures on this Creative Living Podcast.

Podcast Highlights:

(:38)  What’s The List all about and why you should watch?

(1:45) What she likes about being on the show and her favorite topics.

(3:06)  What are the latest DIY trends?

(5:49)  How do millennials embrace the DIY Trend?

(8:05)  Who is the ideal viewer for The List?

(9:15)  What is a “list twist”?

(10:10)  Lindsey takes you behind the scenes to explain how show topics are discussed and created.

(14:10)  How creativity affects all areas of our lives.

(16:38)  Learn about Lindsey’s passion for dance and the unusual instrument she’s played.

(19:20)  How to get more information about Lindsey.

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