Tracie Pinnock, LMFT
The Pursuit of Happiness Therapy, LLC
Instagram @therapist.tracie

Tracie Pinnock is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist with a virtual private practice where she works with women and couples. She helps women cope with the stress of challenging life transitions such as breakups, divorce, dating, remarriage and navigating blended families.

She helps couples prepare for their lives together and to address various couples issues.

Tracie is particularly passionate about helping women overcome challenges that leave them feeling stuck so that they can pursue their self-defined ideas of happiness.

Breakups are so common that we tend to think of them as “no big deal” events in our lives that we just need to get over and move on from.

When the breakup is a minor one that doesn’t have much impact on your life this mindset is fine.

But the reality is that some breakups hit HARD and can be hugely disruptive to our lives.

It can be a divorce, separation or a breakup between unmarried parties.

Regardless of the relationship’s legal status, the label you placed on the relationship, or the length of the relationship, if it meant something to you it meant something to you…and that’s all you need in order to be heartbroken when a relationship ends.

In this episode of Calm, Cool and Connected, hear about the 3 phases of breakup recovery and about the heartbreak healing program for women and stress management workshops for companies that she offers.

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