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The African American Heritage Foundation: Keeping History Alive

Have you heard these myths about African American heritage preservation?

First, it’s believed that only national figures are celebrated, not local heroes. Second, some think that African American history is not relevant to younger generations. Lastly, there’s a misconception that there are limited ways to get involved in preserving black heritage. In this segment, our guest, Dustin Cravins from the African American Heritage Foundation, will reveal the truth behind these myths.

Dustin Cravins is an integral member of the African American Heritage Foundation, dedicated to preserving and honoring the diverse heritage of African American contributions in Louisiana. Through his active involvement, Dustin plays a pivotal role in organizing events such as the African American Heritage parade and the Senior Citizen Thanksgiving Dinner, aimed at celebrating and perpetuating the stories of local African American leaders. His commitment to showcasing the historical and contemporary impact of African Americans in Louisiana reflects the Foundation’s mission of cultural preservation and community engagement.

With a focus on educating and inspiring future generations, the foundation works to promote awareness and appreciation of the significant contributions made by African Americans to the state’s rich tapestry of heritage.

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